Poire De Eve

I have come to be known as the cake woman. Whenever my gfs and i head out to celebrate birthdays, or whenever a family member's birthday is round the corner, its almost a known fact that i will be bringing a cake. I like it! That way i get to practice my cake making and cake decorating skills, though i have made it a point to steer clear of fondant cakes for friends and family, and my lubb's cake was no exception. For my darling H, i made a cake out of flavors that i love; pear, chocolate, praline and caramel. The result was a decadent cake which i love eating layer by layer. Have i mentioned how much I LOVE caramel? SALTED caramel to be exact. The chocolate and salted caramel layers when combined together is reminiscent of that famous candy, Daim. 

5 Layers:
- Genoise Au Chocolat sprinkled with Frangelico syrup
- Crunchy Praline (note to self: don't be greedy and make such a thick layer! it makes it tough to chop slice!)
- Caramel Fleur De Sel Mousse (note to self: try adding some gelatin to make it hold up in our hot weather!)
- Vanilla and Pear Bavarian Cream
- Pear Gelee



  1. Yay!!! i am being featured in the next-most-up and-coming-baker-of-the-year's blog!!!!!!

    - ur beloved -

  2. I liked the salted flavour! Was really interesting. - addy


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