Chanel Cupcakes

Have i mentioned that i am a plain and simple gal? Same goes for the design of my cakes. Oh, and did i also say that i'm a sucker for all things black and white? So when an old mate asked me to do a small cupcake gift set for her friend, i was all riled up and ready to go! Mate asked for a Chanel theme, and allowed me to fool around with design. I personally feel that black and white colors and silhouetes, are a match made in heaven, so the cupcakes were designed that way, and hopefully, it gave the audrey hepburn vibe too : )

Cupcakes were a mix of choc banana and banana.


  1. hi how did u make that id love to learn

  2. Hi Donna,
    Well, fondant.... very sharp exacto knife.... lots of patients ..... and re-doing errors!

  3. this is super gorgeous!


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