Elmo and Cherry Blossoms Cake

Apologies for the lack of updates. I've been up to my neck these few days, what with the prep for lunar new year and cake orders, and tart orders. Well, anyhoo, i delivered a cake to an ex colleague of my husband over the weekend. and i must say that, this, is the epitome of a customized birthday cake. 

Said ex colleague, shares the same name as me, cept hers is a short form, wanted a cake to celebrate the birthdays of 2 of her best girlies. the "gang" consists of 3 ladies, and 2 blokes. the 3 ladies have a fine taste for ALL things couture, while the blokes, are big fans of all things tim burton. plus, the gang of 5 had a memorable trip to the land of the rising sun a few years back, where they first caught sight of the beautiful sakura flowers bloom. Cake was to consist of all the above elements and this was the end product. please pardon the very distracting background. was in a rush to deliver cake. 

So the ladies were represented by the 3 elmos, all gawking at the hermes kelly bag, and the 2 blokes represented by 2 of tim burtons most famous characters; edward scissorhands and jack skellington. 

jack skellington was pretty straightforward to do, surprisingly, but i did have a bit of difficulty remaking edward scissorhands. but i hope i pulled it off. : )

cake was a 6 inch vanilla cake with lemon filling.