Chanel Bag Cake with Red Rose

So this is a very special order all the way from the United Kingdom, from a sweet sibling to her sister who lives in sunny Singapore. how thoughtful is that? S contacted me months ago after seeing my post on the chanel bag cake with pearls, and asked if i could make one for her sister's birthday and deliver it to her. How to say no?

this time i threw in a single red rose brushed with some gold highlighting dust, just to add a touch of old school glam to it. : )

And i tried going thinner with my gold straps, but they kept breaking on me, and so after my third try, i gave up and made them thicker. DAMN YOU GOLD STRAPS! but i'm gonna getcha one day. 

Happy happy birthday Rina! You're one lucky lady to have such a sweet and thoughtful sibling! And to S, thanks for your order and kind words. Yours is one order i will remember for a long time! : )

Cake was red velvet with vanilla filling. 



  1. how much is this gonna cost???? I LOVE IT!!!!!

  2. Hi Claire,

    Drop me an email at, I will give you details?



  3. i emailed u yest!!! :D

  4. Oooops! my bad, gave you the wrong email address! it should have been I have just answered you and good evening ahead


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