Louis Vuitton Bag with iPad Cake

So today i sent out another LV bag cake but a varied one. T, who is colleagues with S who got the McDonald's cake, dropped me an email a few days ago and asked if i could make either an LV speedy bag cake, or iPad cake for her god daughter. So i told her that there's no need for either this or that, let's combine the 2! 

So this time, i chose the colored LV monogram, just so the design won't be the same. And the bag was sculpted out of cake, and not a topper containing rice krispies.

And the time frame was just nice for me to roll out some sheets of gumpaste to dry, so that i could stick an iPad in the bag. ; )

Cake was a red velvet with vanilla filling. 


  1. OMG!!! Absolutely beautiful! How did u do the gold balls? I need to do some gold balls soon but dont really know how i should go about it

  2. Hi Nikky,
    Thank you for your compliments. I think I spent as much time on the gold balls as on the cake. One by one, weigh them and then the good old smoothing out between the palms. Then PME gold spray with lustre dust.

    Good luck there!


  3. Hi,
    What is the size of this cake? Height, width & length? My friend has asked me to make one similar to this and i just wondered what the standard size was for bag cakes. Stunning cake btw.

  4. Hi
    I am making a cake like this one. And wondered how you got the Louis vuitton pattern?
    Many thank


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