Sesame Street Cupcakes

J dropped me a mail some days back and told me how much her cute little boy LOVED his Sesame Street friends. And she got me to make him some cupcakes, just to say that he's very much loved by his parents. :))))

I really liked how this set up turned out, even though it was very time consuming to do. but i had a lot fun making my favorite muppets. : )

Cupcakes were vanilla with salted caramel buttercream.


  1. J here. They were purrfect! :)

  2. Thank you, my kids were reluctant to see them go!

  3. hi, how much do u charge for 3D cup cakes and 2 D. how long should I order in advance

    1. Good evening Myat,

      Please email us at with the date of your party, how many you require to serve and the design that you like. We only handle order queries through email. Thank you very much for your understanding.

      nick - on behalf of veron
      _ _ _


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