Chanel Cupcakes

JL came across our Chanel themed Cupcakes and got us to make a cupcake ensemble for her mom's birthday.

Have i mentioned that i love the contrast of black and white? call me boring or old school, but i find that this color combi gives such a classy flair to the whole Chanel theme. : )


  1. hello veron, jl here. thank you for making such pretty and yummy cupcakes! i had 4 of them myself! and these pretty cupcakes really made my mommy's day. thank you! (:

  2. Hi JL,
    Thank you very much for your order and your comments! Hubby says you are a svelte lass.... wow.... i must have hit the right spot for you to have 4 of them! Most importantly your mom likes them too!

  3. Hi,
    I would like to order your cupcakes. Pls let me know details at

  4. I'd line to order cupcakes - please send me the details


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