Character Cupcakes

Pardon the lack of updates, its been absolutely hectic here on my side. What with all the cake testing (launching a new page for our gourmet cupcakes list) and orders. i think we averaged 4 hours of sleep in the last week, all in the name of cakes. : )

Anyhoos, this was one the cupcake set ups that we sent out last week, for  a little boy who loves all things labelled "Super Hero". But his mommy didn't want the girls in his class to feel left out, so she got me to include some girly characters as well. 

excuse the poor shots, weather's been too grey! : (

i made a whole series of characters, from japanese anime, to classic american comics, all done in 2D relief. My kids were going gaga over them and were giving their expert opinions on whether mom has got the faces right. -_-

Cupcakes were vanilla with strawberry swirls.