Smurf House Cake

Lovely A dropped us a mail sometime back after attending a party where she first saw one of our Playable Angry Birds Cake. She was looking to get a cake sculpted like Smurfette's mushroom house with figurines to boot!

Sooooooo, this marks my first Smurf themed cake, and it really was every bit as fun to do as i imagined! The figurines were pretty straightforward to do, once i got the hang of it, and i'm mighty pleased at how they turned out. : D

 Its like a PB and Jelly (cranberry one) sandwich, but in cake!

 My husband always says the the best part of the cake, is in the edges where its slightly crisp, like a cookie! i totally second that. : )

Cake was vanilla cake with PB buttercream and cranberry buttercream for lower half of house, and red velvet with creme cheese and chocolate with oreos buttercream and salted caramel for the roof.