Sadie's Cake

I deliberated titling this post, because i couldn't decide if i should call it Hello Kitty Cake, or Sadie's Cake. But i figured there would be no other cake like this, and so i decided to name it Sadie's Cake 

This was the fourth installment to C's kid's birthday cakes, and the most special one to me. C has 3 of the most beautiful kids, and one of them, Sadie, is sick with cancer. But other than that, she's just a regular 3 year old girl who loves pink (HOT PINK), and her Hello Kitties! 

Mommy C got us to incorporate all of sadie's favorite things, pink, hello kitty, her fav blankie, her fav bracelet, hair clips, stuff toys etc. all done on a mini 2 tier cake 4" over 6" cake.i never knew i could squeeze that much detail in such a small area.

sadie and 4 of her fav things; hello kitty, her stuffed polar bear, and her fav hair clip both on hello kitty and herself, and her blankie. Okay, i didn't do justice to sadie in sugar, because she is such a pretty little girl, with big eyes and a cute button nose.

 Sadie's fav hair clip.

 Sadie's fav blankie.

 did i mention that the cake was pink on both the outside and in? it was pink vanilla cake with peanut butter and strawberry filling inside!

Sadie's fav stuffed monkey.
 Sadie's fav bracelet.
 Sadie's fav hello kitty watch, which was loosely based on.

Sadie's fav butterfly hair clip.

i baked one very special pink vanilla cupcake, an hour before delivery, just for sadie, because she should eat foods as fresh as possible. it was a vanilla cupcake with her fav peanut butter and jelly filling.

And, Mommy C sent us a picture of Sadie and her cake, which really put a smile on my face, and reminded me why i love what i am doing. : )

How adorable is that, seriously?!?!?


  1. So lovely. I love that you baked her the fresh cupcake. You're a fantastic baker/decorator with a big big heart!

  2. Hi Pei Fen,
    Thank you very much for your comments. I always try my best to translate the love from the person who ordered the cake, to the person who is going to receive it and the guests who have been honored with the occasion.

    Doesn't hurt that I really enjoy what I am doing and am lucky enough to be able to be doing a lot of it with support from people like you!



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