Customized Cupcakes

Opps! Excuse the really looong radio silence. We've been up to our necks and i have been absolutely tardy (read: lazy) in updating our blog! 

Anyhoos….! This was done some time ago, and was the last installment to carol's cakes for her kids; an ensemble of hello kitty cupcakes for Isla's party at school!

Unfortunately, just 2 hours to delivery and carol called me and dropped the bomb: Isla's school was closed that day due to HFMD. So plans were changed and the cupcakes were delivered to their home instead. But!!! it was then i got the chance to tag along on the husband's delivery run, and met little Sadie, Tyler and Isla in person! and can i just say, they are sooooooo good looking!!! 

cupcakes were vanilla dyed apple green, cos it was Isla's favorite color, with vanilla chocolate chip swirls!