Bird Cage 21st Birthday Cake

Here's another 21st birthday cake we did recently. Birthday girl requested for a bird cage themed cake, and we designed one with pretty pastel colors and and roses and gave it a vintage look! 

Cake was pretty tall, a 6 inch diameter and a 12inch height cake. but we love how it turned out, and so did the birthday girl! 


  1. Hi, I've been reading your blog for years (? it's hard to keep track of time... since the days of your timestamped photos, anyway) now! I'm a huge fan of shows like Cake Boss and Fabulous Cakes and honestly, I think your cakes measure up in terms of creative vision and technical perfection. Hopefully one day I'll be able to order one of your cakes! :)

  2. And of course, one other factor: breathtakingness! You should go get your own show!

  3. HI Charmaine,
    That is so sweet of you! We are enjoying what we do and are passionate about it. Great to see someone appreciating our works.

    There is always a chance for a celebration with cake….

    Looking forward to doing something for you.