Rilakkuma Cupakes

Some really cute Rilakkuma cupcakes from a friend to her bestie! Lovin' the colors on this one! : )

We're happy to report that both the birthday girl and the orderer loved the cupcakes! : )


  1. Hi I'm intrested in getting these cute cupcakes, what is the minium order and how much do these go for and are you guys still taking order? Kindly contact me @ thanks

  2. How do i go about ordering and customising the cupcakes?? whats the min order?? thanks.

    1. Hi,
      Thank you very much for your query.

      Please email us at with the date of your party (so that we do not start a discussion for a date we cannot commit), how many you require to serve (so that we can suggest a cake size to suit your party) and the design/theme that you like so that we can give you a design with a quote. We only handle order queries through email. Thank you very much for your understanding.

      Our minimum order amount is $200 per order.

      nick - on behalf of veron

      _ _ _


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