Covid19 Protocol

In view of uncertainties caused by Covid19, please note the following in regards to order cancellations, postponements and refunds. 

We will ALWAYS refund all deposits fully whenever we can, when no work is done. It is not in our interest to keep your deposit for no work done, even at the expense of our schedule not having any orders. 

However, should work be already done, your deposit may not be refunded in full or at all. 


If your order is cancelled and we have already completed your cake order (usually within 2 days of order date), we will not be able to refund your deposit. We will send the cake to you or dispose of the cake after sending you a picture of the completed cake.

If your order is cancelled and your cake is only partially completed, we will show you a picture of what we have done and let you know how much of your deposit we will refund to you. You may opt to have us send to you the uncompleted cake as well.


For cancellations, when no graphics design has been done, we will refund fully

When graphics design has been done but backdrop not printed, we will refund deposit less graphics designer fee of $150

When graphics design has been done and backdrop printed. We are not able to refund any of the $500 deposit as $150 would have gone towards the graphics designer fee and $350 would have gone towards printing for the backdrop.

You may opt to postpone your party and we will keep your set ups till the intended date of your party and outstanding payment may be made upon completion of your set up at the new date