Dessert Table

Our custom Dessert Tables are designed specifically for each client, incorporating your color palette and theme to create a unique display of treats and goodies. Package includes tables and backdrop stands. All we need from you is an empty space with no need for a wall behind (although that is preferable so the backdrop doesn't flap about). No tapes or adhesive will be used on your floor or wall during the set up.

Please view more examples on our main page (Customised Fondant Cakes) and go to LISTINGS and click on DESSERT TABLE.

Themed dessert table pricing starts with a package for 40pax with 8 different dessert items (or 10 dessert items portioned to serve 30 pax) costing $2280 with a separate cake order or $2480 with a themed 7" round cake portioned to serve 15-20 (no choice of design, only cake flavour). 

All Dessert table packages include:
- Dressed Table (table will be provided by us)
- Customised Backdrop (backdrop stand also provided by us, you may keep the backdrop after the event)
- 2 x foam standees at least 3 ft tall that you may keep after the party
- Themed balloons if it matches the theme and decoration
- Ribbons and Dessert labels/tags
- Rental of vessels and necessary scoops (display plates, cake stands, apothecary jars, etc.) Please note that receptacles broken may be replaced or repaid for in full.
- Themed Decor (additional decorations can be included at a fee) 
Delivery/ Set up/ Take down

The dessert menu can be customized, but the basic package includes 8 different items, which can be changed to suit the theme: 
1) Customised packaged chocolate bars
2) Customised sugar cookies
3) Customised Swiss Rolls
4) Konnyaku jelly cups
5) Customised mini boxes with bon bons
6) Themed decorated cupcakes
7) Candy lollipops
8) Candy
9) Caramel crisp popcorn
10) Mini doughnuts
11) Customised Macarons
12) Chocolate chip cookies in glass bottles
13) Brownies

Custom Made Macarons

Custom made chocolate lollipops

Jello Cups
Customized Cookies
Additional 6inch round fondant cake. Colors to match theme with simple decorations placed on a cake pedestal. (of which $200 will be deducted if you replace it with another cake ordered from us)

You can, of course, customize your dessert items, and depending on what they are, the price maybe adjusted up. The selection is endless really. Basically we will provide 240 portions of the 8 items. So it may be 30 portions of each item or 4 of the items with 40 portions while the other 4 items we provide 20 portions.

Note that cutlery/plates/bowls/cups are not provided unless requested 

Clients may consider various customised additional items like:
- Customised balloons with graphics or name
- Extra Large balloons
- Balloon Sculptures
- Extra Large standees

The above are just examples and note that additional items will add to the cost of your dessert table.

1. Let us know - Date, number of guests and Theme of your party
2. We will suggest cake designs with quotes, for your party
3. If a particular cake design and quote suit, we will suggest a general dessert table layout plus food items
4. When there is agreement with the cake and dessert table design and quote, you may pay fully for the cake, which serves as deposit for the dessert table.
5. Full payment to be made upon completion of Dessert Table set up

Note that for queries that are less than 2 weeks away, there is an additional charge of $400.

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