The cakes I use are butter cakes (think Sara Lee pound cake), as opposed to sponge cakes (think chiffon cake) which are normally used for cream cakes. Butter cakes are sweeter, richer and heavier on the tongue and stomach. The reason I use butter cakes is because they are denser and more tightly crumbed which makes them easier to sculpt and it holds the weight of fondant better.

Therefore, when serving guests, I would recommend serving smaller portions, as fondant cakes are generally much sweeter than normal off the rack fresh cream and sponge cakes.

Cupcake or Cake flavors are as follows:
- Chocolate
- Green Tea (only for cupcakes)
- Lemon
Red velvet (mild chocolate cake that is tinted red)
- Lychee (only for cupcakes)
- Vanilla

Filings - (Italian Buttercream Filling - the layers between the Cake or in the cupcake - **:
- Chocolate Chip Vanilla Buttercream (semi sweet mini chocolate chips)
- Chocolate Ganache (done with 55.5% cocoa with no added sugar. Most suitable for those that prefer cakes less sweet. Note that this may come across bitter as there is no added sugar)
- Cranberry Buttercream
- Cream Cheese (Only Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese used - requires addition 10% extra   over the price quoted) DO NOT pick this with cupcakes with fondant decoration as the          cream cheese causes the fondant colors to leach.
- Lemon buttercream
- Lychee (recommended to go with Lychee cupcakes)
- Mocha buttercream (contains coffee)
- Passionfruit buttercream
- Peppermint 
- Orange buttercream
- Oreos buttercream
- Raspberry Buttercream
- Speculoos spread (This is a premium filling that entails an additional $10 per tier)
- Salted Caramel buttercream
- Strawberry buttercream
- Vanilla butter cream
- Valrhona chocolate balls (This is a premium filling that entails an additional $10 per tier)

I use fresh fruit puree for my buttercream. You may suggest your own fillings too.

Frosting (the stuff between the fondant and cake):
I use dark chocolate ganache (55% to 70% cocoa)*** for frosting as opposed to butter cream. Dark chocolate works better for our humidity, as it doesn’t cause the fondant to “sweat”.  

** What is Buttercream?
Buttercream is a mixture of butter, sugar and eggs used to fill my cakes. I make my buttercream "Italian meringue" style, which is light and fluffy in texture. It is different from freshly whipped cream, which cannot hold up once taken out from the fridge.

*** What is Ganache?
Ganache is a rich, thick chocolate filling made from melted dark chocolate and cream. I prefer to use ganache as a frosting instead of buttercream because the former holds up better in our type of humidity and weather, and it gives a cleaner and smoother finishing.

Current three most popular pairings (not in order of popularity)
1. Chocolate cake with Chocolate Chip buttercream
2. Chocolate cake with chocolate ganache
3. Lemon Cake with Lemon cream

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