Hermes Birkin Bag Cake and Chanel Hand Bag Cake

Why hello. Did you think that I have abandoned this blog? Well, not really. You see its because I've been up to my neck over the week. Thanks to my angelic friends who have been nothing but supportive of my mini cake venture, and spreading the word around, I have fortunately been getting a few orders. So today, I will be handing over my dummy cake and cuppies order and tomorrow I have a 3D basketball cake to rush. I often get a bitter sweet sort of feeling whenever collection day arrives. Each and everyone of my cakes are like my babies; I would have spent a considerable amount of time researching on how-to's and design, I practically eat, sleep, drink cake! I go about my cakes with the notion that EACH one is a celebration cake, they are meant to make someone's day, meant for a special occasion for someone out there. It almost feels like the cake is meant for ME! So, I get a tad emotional whenever they get collected, knowing that I'll probably never see them again. I know I know, a bit drama, sounds like I'm giving away one of my kids, but that's just me I guess. I hope, that even when I'm making my 100th cake, I would still have this feeling, because it goes to show that the passion and drive is still there.

Anyways, a couple more peektures of my previous fondant cakes! 

This order was for a friend's friend, who loves couture handbags. But she didn't want the usual Chanel, LV bags, so she opted for the Hermes Birkin instead. At first i was daunted. REALLY daunted, cos of the intricate work involved. But I was lucky as she had given me ample notice to work on it, and I managed to pull it off.

I tried to be as detailed as I could, with  the quintessential "H" on the lock, the lil holes on the buckle, and the positioning of the belt and buckle. But I had fun, and I learnt a lot more about the nature of gum paste (that it really can be a pain the rear to work with sometimes) after this. 

Pardon the lousy shot, I was about to give Birkin away when I realized that I had yet to take a picture!

Next up, a more recent order, was the Chanel 2.55, for a friend's sissy!

"WHAT CHANLE?!?!?" You must be thinking? Well, you see, this twerp friend of mine (just kidding, she's actually a ball to be around with), has a "very nice" nickname for her sissy, spring chicken. Yeah, I know... ?!?!? Well, she initially asked if i could fashion a chicken run type of chicken carrying the Chanel 2.55. I normally accede to most requests, but I told her, that 5 days notice is really a bit tough for me to push it, so we compromised by having a mini chicken run chicken on the side of the cake. I had sooooo much fun doing the chicken! And as with all cakes, I fell in love with Sally (yes, she has a name.) and was this close to replicating one for myself, just for keepsakes. 

Having had experience with the Birkin, I was a lot more confident this time around, plus the fact that the 2.55 has less details as compared to the Birkin. But, of course, the next time I make this bag again, I know exactly which parts I need to pay more attention to.

Till the next post! Au Revoir!