Boob Cake and Dick Cake

So after pinning for a chance to make a boob and willy cake, the opportunity FINALLY arrived. An old school mate came to me on FB and asked if I could do a fun boob cake for her gf (also an old school mate). I obviously jumped at it. Hahahahhaha..... Just in case you think I'm some pervert, noooooooo..... Its cos I have always thought it would be fun to try replicating anatomical parts of the human body. Especially since it was for a hen party, it meant that I could exaggerate things a weeeeeee bit, no?

So the order was a for a boob cake, but the bikini had to specifically be a DIOR printed one, since there was a special story behind it for the girls involved. It scared the living lights out of me at first, knowing that i will have to spend a considerable amount of time doing the prints, which I hand painted. But, it was fun! Now, I'm more confident with the brush and going with my gut feel. But, doesn't mean that I'm ready to hand paint an entire MURAL on a fondant cake. But, I will get to that in time to come. : )

And, for the next order, also for the same recipient, we (specifically the husb) had a ball (pun not intended) makin it! Hahahahahaha..... Can you guess what it is??

This was made out of Rice Krispie Treats, cos I firgured that it would be way sturdier as compared to cake and ganache, since I needed it to be well... errr... at attention, and probably take some brutality for the girls to punk the bride to be. hur hur hur.....  

PS: I'm proud to say that I came up with the quotes, well, ya know, I'm corny in that way!