Chocolate Mousse Cake and Mango and Passion Fruit Mousse Cake

Just 2 cakes I did that were non fondant, this one was for my kick boxing trainer who was celebrating his anniversary with the missus. 

Chocolate mousse cake........

4 layers:

feuillantine base (with french gavottes, hazelnuts and milk chocolate),
genoise au chocolat (sprinkled with frangelico liquor),
chocolate mousse (valhorna chocolate no less) and
chocolate ganache
 and sprinkled with edible gold sparkle dust : )

Next was a cake I did to celebrate my sonny's birthday at home.

Mango, Passion fruit, Mascarpone mousse cake...

Next up will be boys' superheroes cake; Kamen Masked Rider, Pokemon, oh and a Miu Miu long wallet purse cake!

Stay tuned!