Chanel Bag Cake with Pearls

I love all things girly and pretty. So when a sweet girl got me to make her a chanel cake WITH pearls (apparently she liked the pearls from the "pauline cake"), a zillion fancy schmancy ideas went running though my brain on how to "pretty -fy" it!!!! : )))))

Sorry if i sound like i'm a braggart, but i really really thought that this was my prettiest chanel bag cake so far. It was clean, neat, lines were even, and even though "bag" was thicker than the real deal on purpose, i thought the extra thickness made it look more "bag-gish". 

My only gripe is that i haven't yet mastered the art of making the chains of the bag gold. its not easy painting on fondant, because i have to wait till the fondant is dry before i can paint, which i cannot do for the chains. If i waited till the fondant dries, i jolly well can't "braid" the pieces together now can i? So its a catch 22 situation; either i get PURE gold chains that are broken, or not so pure gold chains that i can braid. 

 I love the flutterflies on the "pearl necklace" as well. the gold lusture dust gave it a very antique feel.

All in all, pretty happy with this cake. It was a choco fudge cake with oreos filling btw. and hopefully the birthday girl liked it just as much as i. ahhh..... to be 21 and young again...........