Chanel Handbag version 1 and Car cake

Second chanel handbag cake this week, also for the same couple as in the previous post. This one was done in a handbag topper style as the bride to be would like to keep her "handbag". She also requested that her "bag" be surrounded by a couple of make up items, so i made a compact, lippy, eye shadow, blusher and nail polish. 

Some how the lighting has distorted the hawt-ness of the pink.  "Box" cake is red velvet filled with vanilla buttercream.

For the husband to be, he chose a Honda Civic as his choice of cake. This time i around, i was better prepared for sculpting a car cake. The car was made elevated, plus with working "headlights" (courtesy of my bro in law! Thanks K for purchasing the LED lights!)! I think it looks a lot better than my first car cake. And i have come to appreciate the important step of ganaching a cake well and proper before covering with fondant.