Shopping Theme Cake

I know we're just about into our 6th day of 2011, and its kinda late to say "happy new year!", but what the heck. My family and i had a wintry, snowy Christmas in Europe, and it was made especially special cos we spent it with our dutch family, the dolmans and the lopulalans. Any of you guys reading this, please know that we miss you guys already. : (

Anyways, today i sent out my first cake for 2011. Meant for a domestic helper from her lovely employer. Now my domestic help is badgering me to make her one for her birthday as well. : /

Cake was done in hawt pink (cos the birthday girl likes pink) and splashes of black and white just to make it a wee bit more adult, since pink, i feel, when overly done, makes it a tad sissy. And picking up from my Chanel cupcakes take 2, i enlarged the silhouettes and stuck them around the quilted sides of the cake, and added a pearl border around it, to make it more feminine and swanky. ; )

Cake was a 6inch chocolate fudge cake with vanilla filling.

more cakes coming up!