Miss Marc Cupcakes

So the other day i got an email from the sweet boy's (the one who got his momma an LV handbag cake) girlfriend (who's equally saccharine sweet, btw) asked if i could do a Miss Marc by Marc Jacobs themed cupcake for her friend. 

So prior to this i had only a vague idea on who Marc Jacobs was (i knew he was a fashion designer, but that was it), let alone MISS MARC. So now i know. : )

Since this cake was for a sweet young lady, i thought it would be nice to use vibrant and bold colours, and to add a touch of "class", i mixed gold highlighting dust with a wee bit of vodka and splashed "liquid gold" all over, just to give it a pop art - ish kinda feel. so fun : )

I made some 2D totes and purses with miss marc cartoons printed on em, and also some 3D accessories to go along.