Louis Vuitton Bag Cake

Just a day after we touched down from Holland, i got a call from a sweet boy asking if i could make his mommy dearest an LV themed cake for her birthday. How could i say no?  : ) This cake taught me a whole lot of things about printing and the work-ability of edible frosting sheets. ITS A B@#$% TO WORK WITH, and you really need patience to get the hang of it. but, all was well, since the husband helped me with it. : ))))))

On top of that, i learnt the hard way to never stop rechecking and confirming dates with people who get cakes from me. Said sweet boy and i had a major miscomm with regards to the date of delivery, and i had a mild heart attack when i learnt that it was A DAY earlier than what i thought. So i had to squeeze something out for his mommy on that day with 7 cupcakes, and the main cake was saved for the next day instead. To Nicholas and mommy, i hope the main cake made up for the emergency work the previous day. 

So the initial plan was to have 7 cupcakes each topped with a mini LV bag surrounding a 6inch cake with a LV bag topper. But due to said miscomm, we split it into 2 parts instead, with the 7 cupcakes for day one, and 6inch cake for day 2. pardon the poor shot, we were in a rush and we could only manage shots with flash. 

And for the main cake, i did an LV speedy handbag, which was made out of rice krispie treats, dirty iced with dark choc ganache, covered with fondant and lastly stuck on with LV monogram printed on edible frosting sheets. Frosting sheets are very much like ultra sheets of wafer, that crack very easily especially when it dries. So we only have a short time frame between freshly printed frosting sheets and dry and easy to tear frosting sheets, plus you can't  bend it or curve it too much, as they will crack, and most of all, they are very expensive ingredients. so one wrong move and a whole lot of money goes down the drain, not to mention the effort that goes into it.

but, i must say that the effort was well worth it, cos the end result was a very clean, neat, and realistic cake. : ) thank you very much nicholas, both my husband and order-er of the cake (they both share the same name), for all the paitence in helping me print and stick, and the other nicholas for giving me the oppurtunity to try out my virgin LV cake. i hope i made your mom happy.