Chanel Bag Cake with Calla Lilies

So a few weeks ago a bubbly young lady posted a comment on my hawt pink chanel bag cake post and asked if i could make one for her 18th birthday celebration with her mates. Couldn't say no to that now can i? 

 This time i went all out with my nifty PME gold luster spray paint, edible of course, and dove right into this cake with the aim of obtaining that eluded TRUE gold coloured handbag chains. and i think i did pretty okay this time, 'cept i prolly need to work on getting them even thinner, but without breaking. Suspect its gonna take me a couple more tries to get there. 

So as a variation, i decided to try my hand at making simple gumpaste flowers. There's absolutely no better way to get started on gumpaste flowers than on no fail calla lilies. So i went out and got myself a set of lily cutters and veiners, and i was done with my 3 lilies in 30mins flat! 

I was looking for something grainy to create the texture of the stigma or stamen (opps, sorry i forgot my biology!) and was going through my larder for ideas, and my bag of polenta aka as coarse grained cornmeal caught my eye, and i knew i found the perfect thing to use! 

Tadah! My first Calla lilies! Now bring on those tiers of cascading roses! : )

Cake was red velvet with vanilla filling.