Birkin Bag Cake

This cake was requested by the lady who had a Texas Hold'em Cake some time ago. This time around its for her gf who adores couture handbags. So what else but that famous Hermes bag seen on the arms of Victoria Beckham?

So this was really my second go at a birkin bag, but the first one was a topper, meaning the inside of the bag was made of florist sponge and covered in gumpaste. 

I had the hardest time getting the handles of the bag to stay upright, i think i must have re-did the damn handles about 1000 times. i'm beginning to think that handles and i are just not friends, cos its the same with my chanel handbag cakes too. 

Just to add a touch of class, i made some gold fondant balls and spilled them all around the bag, in fact i wanted to splatter and drip some liquid gold as well, but knowing my aiming skills, i decided that its best not too, lest i spray it on the bag instead. 

Cake was a chocolate cake with lemon filling, my favorite coincidentally. : )