Water Polo Cupcakes

S dropped me an email a couple of weeks back and commissioned me to make her water polo playing bf (i smell hunky), a set of cupcakes. she gave me the fantastic idea of making cupcakes with ball in hand coming out of water, looks a lot better than it sounds, really. photos are a little dark unfortunately, so please pardon them. : /

Ever since i dabbled in fondant cakes, i think i have become a sports ball expert. drawing and making them i mean. not playing. rugby, soccer, basketball, golf, and now water polo. : )

I did, however, spend some time thinking of how to make pool water look like pool water. At first i wanted to go the route of using royal icing tinted blue. but i thought that wouldn't give it the nice shimmery gleam that real pool water gives. so i rolled out some blue fondant, made it uneven and coated it with piping gel tinted blue and accented it with some white royal icing. hope it made the cut!

i also threw in a pair of tangerine speedos on the side for good fun. 

Cupcakes were red velvet with vanilla frosting.