Hermes Birkin Bag Cake with Tulips

I've done a few Birkin Bag Cakes before, and so when P got me to make another one for her gf i decided to try a little something different, and make use of my textured mat to create a "croc skin" birkin. 

On top of the croc skin texture, P requested that i added some tulips to the side of the bag. Now flowers, ladies and gentlemen, are not easy things to make. Certain flowers actually require EACH petal to be inserted with their own super thin gauge wires before taping them all together with floral tape. and tulips are one of those. 

I spent close to 2 hours just making the petals for the 2 tulips. WHY? because the wires i used were the wrong gauge and i should go 4 sizes smaller. But i was stubbornly trying to push my luck cos i wanted to complete the petals before crawling into bed. Next time, i will just stick to the 28 gauge wires. period. 

Cake was chocolate with oreos filling.