Sculpted Barney Cake

So over the weekend, we delivered our first ever sculpted Barney cake to a little boy fan. His lovely mom dropped us a mail a few weeks back and commissioned us to make her son a special cake. : )

After staring at Barney's pictures form all angles for a long long time, we concluded that Barney's head was "sculp-able" from cake, and decided to go that route. Seems like the cake gods were smiling down on us that day, and we managed to sculpt Barney's body and head without a cinch. : )

some in-progress shots to share: 


et viola! 

We recently got ourselves a new clothes steamer, and i'm totally digging what magic steaming does to fondant! 

Some cupcakes on the side as well, for the birthday boy. 

Barney was vanilla cake with passionfruit filling, Cupcakes were a mix of chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with oreos filling.