Sculpted Bananas in Pajamas Cake

Sweet mom J dropped me a mail after attending a party where she saw our Tigger Cake  and asked if we could sculpt Bananas in Pajamas out of cake for her little boy. Couldn't say no to something like that! : )

i know i keep saying that every cake is my heaviest yet, but i think this one tops it all. this pair of twin bananas were a whooping 20kg in total and we had a hard time maneuvering them around. 
And as with all sculpted cakes, the most difficult part was in the planning of cake layers to bake and sculpting them. if all that groundwork is laid properly, the decorating would be much easier. 

here's a pic of the bananas with my kids, for proportions sake. please excuse the cheeky grins. 

We couldn't manage many shots for this set up simply because it was too heavy to shift it around. i'm pretty bummed cos i really liked how my bananas in pajamas turned out. : (

Cake was a mix of red velvet with oreos, vanilla with strawberry filling, chocolate with chocolate filling and lemon with lemon filling. 

now the bananas in pajamas song is still stuck in my head. dang.