Eiffel Tower Cake

R dropped us a mail last month and told us his wife sent him a link to our blog as a hint for her birthday cake. I told him that his missus was a clever lady and that i ought to learn from her. watch out for your mails husb, you're gonna be recieving more emails with links to travel agencies and diamond rings! : ) 

But i digress. R told us his wife has been badgering him, hoping to fly to Paris or Hokkaido soon, and asked if we could think of something along those lines for his wifey. We suggested the Eiffel Tower in cake since it is the icon of Paris. 

We laid our groundwork by first proportionately scaling down the actual height of the tower to fit the serving size and cake board. But i think we were too preoccupied in trying to keep the upper quarter of the cake stable that we shaved off a bit too much of the peak, so the entire cake looks a tad stunted. next time we get  a chance to do this cake again, i'm gonna make sure that it is slender at its peak. 

This cake looks straightforward enough to do, but my goodness, the grids of the Eiffel took me an entire day to complete. Every single black line you see on the tower is hand rolled, cut and stuck on manually. it was monotonous but bloody time consuming. 

All in all, i think this cake still looked impressive, despite the fact that it is a bit fat and unshapely.  it will be better the next time round! 

Cake was chocolate cake with lemon filling.