KFC Fried Chicken and Cheese Fries Cake

This was a for a last minute order (was given just 3 days notice) for a little boy who loves his fried chicken! What else comes to mind but KFC, in cake, of course! : )

I would have made a complete meal, with the quintessential mashed potatoes, coleslaw, and a drink on the side, but the order came to me too late, and this was the best i could do. but, i'm pretty stoked at how it turned out, especially the fries, compared to my previous MacDonald's Meal cake. 

A peek into how things are made in our kitchen! 

 Oh, what will i ever do without the all important rice krispie treats?

 the secret to crispy fired chicken? Feuilletine!!!!

Naked fries, without the "cheese" and "mayo". 

And to round things up a wee bit, we printed on edible paper ink, a tray liner, to complete the look!

And, the all important, ketchup in the air! 

Cake which is the "tub" was red velvet with cream cheese filing.