Hermes Birkin Bag Cake

Sweet M dropped us a mail, after coming across our Birkin Bag Cakes. She was looking to make one for her 21st birthday celebrations. Please excuse the poor lighting, for we took the pictures in the evening, when the sun was setting! : (

This was our largest, most gigantic Birking Bag Cake to date. it weighed in at close to 15kg, meant to serve 45 people. It was a challenge covering the cake with fondant, plus giving it the croc skin texture was not really a walk in the park either. But, i'm really glad to have given the birkin bag cake in this enormity a shot. even more glad that we managed to pull it off! : )

Last we heard from the birthday girl, our cake was a hit, and there was not a crumb of cake left! Cool Bananaz!!!! : )