Fashionista Stack Cake

We had the tremendous honor of doing this cake for A's mom last month. yes. this is how way behind i am on my blog updates. : /

Anyhoos, A came back to us after we made for her our very first Smurf House Cake, (which was giant by the way). This time around she was looking for a fashionista themed cake for her mom's big bash which was held at The Regent Hotel. 

Ps: you probably can't tell from the pictures, but the entire cake was almost 1.2m tall and weighed in at about 20-25kg in all! 

Pps: Picture intensive post ahead! 

We spent about a week discussing with A on how to create a really kick ass cake for her mom, and we went from designing 3 cakes and a whole buncha cupcakes on the side all the way to the other end of the spectrum, which was this. a gravity defying topsy turvy wedge style cake. 

A was a dream to work with; she was open, generous, and incredibly easy to work with. Her only guidelines to us was 1) fashionista themed,2) to include fuchsia, black and white zebra stripes , and lastly, (which was my favorite), 3) TO GO OVER THE TOP! Wooot! Music to my ears. : )

The cake took us 2 entire weeks to plan and execute. and nothing beats the awesome feeling when we stepped back and took in what we had worked our behinds off for 2 weeks. 

here's a coupla in progress shots and pictures of the different details that went into this entire ensemble. 

 Impelling the cakes through the central support was probably the most nerve wrecking part. 

sugar decorations slowly being added to the cake. 

Et Viola! the completed cake! A told us that when the service staff wheeled the cake in, all her party guests went trigger happy! 

thank you A, for taking a gamble on us and giving us the opportunity to create the most challenging, memorable and rewarding cake we have ever attempted. it gave us all a sugar high when we saw the completed cake!

A big shout out to the husband: