Cascading Blue Hydrangeas 4 tier Wedding Cake

This was our all time favorite cake to date, a full on cascading hydrangea wedding cake. husband to be contacted us months before the big day and told us he wanted to  surprise his wife with a grand wedding cake with her favorite blue hydrangeas.

It took all hands on deck (even the delivery man husband had to chip in!) to complete all the hydrangeas, each one was painstakingly dusted in luster dusts, and it took us another hour or so to finish positioning the flowers. but when we finished, we were floored. big time. we almost couldn't bear to part with the cake. 

it was a big success on the surprise part of the cake. the bride was totally unsuspecting, and she couldn't believe that all 4 tiers was cake. real cake! 

one of our proudest cakes to date. more to come we hope! : )