Paris Party (click post to view more pictures)

Larissa's Soiree in Paris! 

Our first ever dessert table which was done some time last year in September. 

A Paris themed party for a pretty little girl. Mommy A whom we did the fashionista stack cake  got us to decorate and bake for Larissa's 7th party.

Again, mommy A was a dream to work with. She was hands on, and very accommodating to our requests and designs.

We loved every bit of this party, it was dripping and oozing in paris goodness and the venue which was Pamplemousse was a perfect match for the entire theme; high ceilings, classy dark wood and off white furniture, and the gorgeously and magnificently HUGE Monet painting suited the theme like a glove.

Once more, THANK YOU mommy A for allowing us the opportunity to design our first dessert table and venue decoration assignment! Definitely one for us to remember for a long long time! 

Pretty hot air balloon lanterns, bunting flags, damask balloons, and a giant Eiffel Tower standee that say "Bienvenue!" - all decor provided by client

Kids table. 

Goodies on the table includes:
1. Strawberry and raspberry Jello in cups
2. Pink and White Marshmallows 
3. Gourmet Jelly Belly jelly beans
4. Hand Made Chocolate Eiffel tower
5. Strawberry wafers
6. Strawberry jam sandwich cookies
7. 100s and 1000s cookies
8. Rose infused Meringue
9. Chocolate Fudge cupcakes with strawberry buttercream swirl
10. Varlhorna Chocolate Eclairs
11. Pink M & Ms

Stands and display items were a mixture of items provided by us, and bought by client.

Handmade chocolate Eiffel Tower lollies.

Cotton Candy Table! 

Dress Up table!

Mini wire mannequin.

Prize table

Adults table. Each adult gets an Eiffel Tower soap dispenser. 

 Life sized wire mannequin.

And, one of the highlights of the party: Our largest cake to date, a 2 storey high paris cafe. complete with a signage that lights up, striped canopies, dangling cafe sign, tables and chairs, pots of roses, and the Champs Elysse  Road sign. 

The cake stood at a towering height of 42inches. and provided quite a logistical nightmare for us. But, all was well in the end. Phew….

The buzz whilst preparing for the party! 

The favors table which includes:
1. Mini Luggage bags with individual name labels
2. Individually packed cupcakes
3. Chocolate shoes
4. Individually packed Eiffel tower soaps
5. Eiffel tower themed photos frames


  1. Beautiful cake. Amazing detail. May I ask how you did the lettering for the cake. Did u use a particular cutter?

  2. This is the most stunning dessert table/ tables ever. For your first one you did an amazing job :)