3D sculpted Porsche 911 GTI Cake

Safari Themed 1st Birthday 2 tier Cake

3D sculpted pot of Bak Kut Teh

Trolls in the Garden 1st Birthday Dessert Table

Dreamy Bunny Hotair Balloon 1st Birthday 2 Tier Cake

Rotating Shellie May themed two tiered cake.

Cute Dinosaur Train with Playing Blocks Single Tier Cake

Super Mario Plinths Package Dessert Table

Peppa Pig Unicorn single tier Cake

Transformer themed single Tier Cake

Laser Boat 2 tier Cake

Plant vs Zombies single tier Cake

Dreamy Bunny in the night sky 1st Birthday Dessert Table

Teddy at the Beach Dessert Table

Safari themed single tier featuring Monkey Cake

Unicorn and Crown 2 tiers with Rainbow and Flowers Cake

Butterflies and Chinese Girl 1st Birthday Two tiered Cake

3D sculpted Playdoh Tub with Batman and Spiderman Cake

Fighter Jet 1st birthday Cupcakes

Fighter Jet themed Single tier Cake

Pilot themed dessert table (Please click on post for more pictures)

Princess and Castle themed 1st Birthday Dessert Table

Teddy and Friends Carnival 1st Birthday Dessert Table

Paris street themed Dessert Table (Please click on post for more pictures)

Paw Patrol themed Cupcakes

Baby shark and Ocean themed 2 tier Cake

Ninjago themed Cupcakes

Ninjago 2 tiers featuring Sensei Wu Cake

Dinosaur on Cookies 2 tier Cake

Lol Surprised Themed Dessert Table

3D sculpted Mini Cooper Cake

Elegant 3 tiered Extra tall with floating Butterflies and Heart Cake

Safari themed Pair of Cakes

Dinosaur Cookies 1st Birthday Single Tier Cake