Rolex Watch Cake

Rottweiller Face Cake

3D Sculpted Gulf Jet Cake

3D sculpted Boat Cake

Peranakan Kebaya with Peony Cake

3D sculpted Thomas the Tank Engine 1st Birthday Cake

3D folded Army Shirt Cake

Paw Patrol with Toys single tier Cake

Ocean themed cake featuring Narwhal two tiered 1st Birthday Cake

Dreamy Elephant Hotair Balloon Plinth 1st Birthday Dessert Table

壽themed Money Train Cake

100 Day Cake and Backdrop Dessert Table and Backdrop Package

Cinderella themed Dessert Table

Unicorn single tier Cake

Woodland themed 1st Birthday Dessert Table

Rose and Orchid with Watercolour 2 tier Wedding Cake

Baby Shark Plinths Package Dessert Table

Unicorn themed 2 tier Cake

3D sculpted Mummy and Baby Dolphin Cake

3D Sculpted Tank Cake

Unicorn single tier Cake

Mermaid themed two tiered Cake

Transport themed single tier Cake

Sesame Street at the Beach Plinths Package Dessert Table

Shimmer and Shine Mermaid Ocean 2 tier 1st Birthday Cake

Sesame Street cast at the Beach 1st Birthday 2 tier Cake

Pirate and Ship 2 tiered Cake

Balloon garland 2 tier Cake

The Flash Single Tier Cake

Safari First Birthday Cake

How to Train your Dragon 1st Birthday Cake

Pastel Unicorn themed Plinths package Dessert Table

Superman themed two tiered Cake

Anpanman and Friends 2 tier Cake

PJ Masks with HQ Cake

Dino 2 tiers 1st Birthday Cake

Cohiba Cigar on Ash Tray Cake

Animal Parade 2 tier Cake

Longevity themed with Crane and Cherry Blossoms 3 tier Cake

Havana themed 2 tier Cake

Sculpted bowl of Mee Pok on Round Tier Cake

Travel themed Dessert Table